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Reports on Village Hall events


WWI Centenary Display Unveiled – 3 August 2014

Organised by the Farningham and Eynsford Local History Society, a WWI display of commemorative items took place at the hall on 3 August. Guy Hart-Dyke unveiled a framed photographic display in the lobby of the hall. On view in the main hall were military and other photographs and memorabilia of the era.








At the Village Hall on Saturday 28th February seventy people were entertained by Ian Keable who performed the favourite magic tricks of Charles Dickens.  Ian is a stunning magician who truly mystified us with his incredible magic. We saw him putting the raw ingredients for a cake  into a hat and out came the cooked version, complete with lighted candle.  The dictionary trick had the participant looking for cameras. How did he know the page and word!!  It was an evening with a different twist that everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

FELHS WWI Exhibition 3 August 2014

Organised by the Farningham and Eynsford Local History Society, a WWI display of commemorative items took place at the hall on 3 August. Guy Hart-Dyke unveiled a framed photographic display in the lobby of the hall. On view in the main hall were military and other photographs of the era and memorabilia.


– Reported by Malcolm Richardson

An enjoyable night was had in the Village Hall on 7th June, when the full splendours of Italian wine and food were sampled.  The evening started with a glass of Prosecco and then went on to encompass four white wines and four red wines, all from different regions of Italy and all highlighted the varied flavours and depths of Italian wine.  To add to the occasion, the wines could be tasted with a variety of Italian food, from olives to prosciutto to sun dried tomatoes.

With the hall decorated with Italian flags and posters, and with Italian café music, a little piece of Rome was transported the 1,100 miles to sunny Eynsford.

With thanks to Paul Boyle who did a superb job of presenting and describing the wines, plus all the helpers who prepared and served the wine and food – ci siamo molto divertiti.

Next time – Spanish wine?








reported by Sally Coston – was sold out at least a month before the day and attracted a few new faces as well as a majority of now devoted fans of our lecturer Dr. Graham Whitham, PhD. 

The choice on this occasion was “Post-Impressionism: Seurat, Cezanne, Gauguin and Van Gogh”, which followed neatly on from the last session on Impressionism when we learned of the new technique of reproducing an artistic image of the moment from reality ‘en plein air’ (outdoors).  This seems absurd these days but until the mid 1800’s subject matter had been in the studio from safe sources such as religious iconography, royal, mythical or mystical imagery.  Such is evolution, that growth for these four Greats studied in our Hall on Saturday could be traced within the social mores and history of their time to define and tell their intended story directly to the viewer through the choice of subject, image, symbolic extra motifs, use of colour, medium, brush techniques, light and shade.  To explain this idea further we took a peek too at their future development and those whom they inspired into abstraction, cubism and the avant-garde generally. 

Everyone seemed very pleased with their day and sumptuous lunch.  So much so 25% of tickets for “From Arts & Crafts to Apple: a History of Design” on Saturday November 15th are already sold.  The day will start as usual at 10am and finish at 4pm which includes the lunch and breaks for coffee, tea, biscuits and sometimes even cake.  There seems a general consensus that £25 each is a bargain.  The profits go directly to the Hall rescue fund so we really can say we are all improving and enjoying ourselves while working hard for a good cause.

Bookings for November can be made now with Sally Coston on 01322-866102, who with the money and an sae for the ticket when available nearer the time will reserve a place for you.

Although Graham is trying to hang up his mortar board and gown, he has kindly agreed to do another two study days for us in 2015 and we are in discussions as to subject matter. 


reported by Malcolm Richardson

Another successful Fashion Show organised by the Trustees was held in the Hall on Friday 7th March.  Over 100 people (it has to be said – mainly women!) thoroughly appreciated local models of all ages, ‘strutting their stuff’ on the catwalk, showing a fabulous range of fashions, from day-to day clothes to evening wear.  With waiters in DJs serving drinks and a chance to buy the clothes afterwards, it were a reet good laff!

Over £750 was raised for the Village Hall funds.


– 16 November by Sally Coston

The second Art History Study Day, “Impressionism: Art and French Society”, was a sell-out.  All enjoyed learning the historical footsteps to the genre, the evolution of how painting “real life” and often “plein air” reflected what was really going on both in the city of Paris, and in the countryside surrounding it, and then how the movement was to head into crisis with the onset of modernism.

Refreshments and a sumptuous lunch were included and prepared by Paul, Jan and Sarah. Thanks go to them for the hard work the whole event entailed and which went toward making the day memorable.

The event has received much praise:

– “thank you for telling me, I enjoyed it and have been back to my bookshelves to check up on some of the things said”,

– “a big thank you for Saturday, the speaker and pictures were wonderful, and a delicious lunch as well”,

– “very many thanks for arranging an excellent day; we enjoyed it immensely, and met some welcoming Eynsford people too which was a bonus”.

Over £1300 was given to the Trustees towards the rebuilding fund.

From the Hall trustees – very many thanks to Sally for organising such an interesting event.



On Saturday 19th October the Hall was filled to capacity with a ‘Black Tie’ event.  One hundred and twenty formally attired wannabe ballroom dancers waltzed the night away to the storming sounds of the ‘Force Ten Band’.

However, this was no ordinary village hall knees up.  The ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ theme found James Goodman (son of the famous Len Goodman) giving humorous and effective dance lessons to an attentive audience.  This was followed by practice sessions of the Foxtrot, Cha-Cha and Jive with dancers aged from eight to eighty having a great time.

The level of participation, with the dance floor full all evening, was due to the fantastic sounds of the ‘Force Ten Band’ with accompanying singers Mike Gadzwyn and Peter Slater and, of course, James Goodman’s infectious enthusiasm for dance.

The evening was a fantastic sell out success and, given the quality of the entertainment, remarkable value and will, I am sure, become a regular fixture on the village calendar.  Congratulations and thanks go to the hall trustees for organising this wonderful event and raising much needed monies for the Hall’s restoration.

Debbie Bishop


A packed village hall danced the night away when our own version of ‘Strictly’ came to Eynsford.  Complete with glitter ball the hall literally sparkled.  James Goodman (son of Len) was on hand to teach the steps to the quickstep, the foxtrot  etc. and also treated us to a show dance with his dance partner Sue.  It didn’t matter if you were a novice or an accomplished dancer, James made the steps easy to follow and before long everyone could dance! (and I mean everyone!)

Mike Gawadzyn, James Goodman and Pete Slater










To add further flavour to the evening, sixteen piece big band ‘Force Ten’ played some fantastic music with our own Mike Gawadzyn and Pete Slater providing the vocals.

The hall looked at its best as it was decorated in pink and gold to suit the evening and thanks go to Ben Newton and Annie Callahan from Riverside Players who put up lighting (and glitter ball) so that the hall was softly and beautifully lit.  Thanks also to Paul and Sarah Boyle who ran the bar and were extremely busy as dancing is very thirsty work……

Barclays Bank promised to match fund part of the evening so lastly a big thank you to Lizzie Seamons from Barclays for her efforts during the evening.  She can really bust a move or two!

I think it fair to say that a great night was enjoyed by all.

Jan Stanyon

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