Hall development

The current hall, built in 1905, is maintained fully functional by the Trustees. Bookings for its many activities including sales, receptions and meetings continue.

Planning consent for a new hall on Harrow Meadow was obtained in July 2020.  However due to complications with planning, consent for housing on the existing hall site was not obtained until November 2021.  However the two applications are linked and also included the turning round and levelling of the football pitch on Harrow Meadow.
This will be a joint project with Eynsford Parish Council, who own Harrow Meadow, and it is hoped that, funding allowing, a start should be made on the football pitch in the middle of 2022.
There will however need to be a large fund raising effort to raise the necessary amount to enable the whole project to be completed.  The estimated cost of the development is in the region of £1.8m (subject to tenders) and, taking into account the anticipated value of the current hall site, there is in the region of £950,000 ‘in the pot’.
The Trustees and the Parish Council would hope that residents and user groups will support all find raising efforts to enable the vision of a new hall fit for the 21st century to come to fruition.