– Reported by Malcolm Richardson

An enjoyable night was had in the Village Hall on 7th June, when the full splendours of Italian wine and food were sampled.  The evening started with a glass of Prosecco and then went on to encompass four white wines and four red wines, all from different regions of Italy and all highlighted the varied flavours and depths of Italian wine.  To add to the occasion, the wines could be tasted with a variety of Italian food, from olives to prosciutto to sun dried tomatoes.

With the hall decorated with Italian flags and posters, and with Italian café music, a little piece of Rome was transported the 1,100 miles to sunny Eynsford.

With thanks to Paul Boyle who did a superb job of presenting and describing the wines, plus all the helpers who prepared and served the wine and food – ci siamo molto divertiti.

Next time – Spanish wine?


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