ART STUDY DAY 13 May 2017 reported by James Staniland

  • The final art study day led by Dr. Graham Whitham covered British Art 1940-2015.There were four talks:
    1. War, Optimism and Anxiety c. 1940-1960
    2. Between Europe and USA c. 1950-1970
    3. The Changing Status Quo c. 1968-1990
    4. The Young British Artists)and Beyond 1988-2015.
    A great and informative day was had by all. Unfortunately Graham has decided to retire and take his wife off travelling around Europe so there were farewells and Sally Coston presented gifts to Graham and the three “kitchen fairies”: Jan Stanyon, Paul Boyle and Sarah Boyle who have produced refreshments for the art days over the last three years.
    Sally has raised £16,000 through staging these events. James Staniland thanked her and presented some bottles of wine to her on behalf of the trustees and said a few words about new hall plans.
Dr Graham Whitham

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